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Mozilla One Web

There is no such thing as a child who hates to know; there are only children who have not found the right book…… Frank Serafini.

Perhaps the best quote which very specifically describes the problem faced by the country’s youth today, who though living in the Internet Generation do not have the tools or knowledge to access the internet. 

Internet is undoubtedly, that one invention of mankind which has erased geographical boundaries and has generated unimaginable mines of resources. But resources are not enough. We need to harness that knowledge.

In India with a literacy rate of 71%, amongst which only the privileged children have web literacy. What about the other underprivileged children? Why should they be left behind in the present world, which is hugely ruled by the web?  Like education, every child should have the right to web literacy.

This, being our motto, we jumped to work at once. Starting in Kolkata, since this would be India’s first Wi-Fi city by next year, We at Campus Karma proudly associated ourselves with Mozilla Kolkata Community, taking up the initiative, Mozilla One_Web to  make 1,00,000 under privileged children web literate in 3 months.

On the 3rd of July, a Sunday morning, amidst heavy Kolkata Rains, we were with the Mozilla Kolkata community, at Tiljala Shed, Topsia taking up our very first step in arming the children with the power of the web. Heavy Rainfall, narrow lanes of the Topsia slum, messed up by the godforsaken downpour, nothing stopped 150+ children and 30+ volunteers from turning up for their first day at the Community Web School. The Day was occupied with teaching the kids in small groups about the web, other fun filled activities and ended with presenting the children with gifts, as a token of appreciation for participating in this intiative of knowledge quest.

View full Album here: https://www.campuskarma.in/photos/album/124852/one-web-at-tiljala-shed-topsia-on-3rd-july-2016

To summarise in a nutshell:

What is One-Web?

An initiative by the Mozilla Kolkata Community, to make 1, 00,000 underprivileged children web literate in 3 months.

When and where was it held?

3rd July, 2016 at Tiljala SHED, TOPSIA.

When and where is the next event of One-Web?

17th July, 2016 at Chetla Boys High School.

We at Campus Karma have always been in the pursuit of learning through sharing and caring, our association with One Web is just another way of doing the same, bringing The Web to a child’s fingertips, because sky is the limit.


Written by: 
Subhasree Majumder