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National Institutional Ranking Framework - Management AV List

This framework outlines a methodology to rank institutions across the country.

INSTITUTE ID Name City State Score Rank
NIRF-MGMT-INF-217 Indian Institute Of Management, Bangaluru More Details    Bangaluru Karnataka 93.04 1
NIRF-MGMT-INF-311 Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad More Details    Ahmedabad Gujarat 89.91 2
NIRF-MGMT-INF-353 Indian Institute Of Management, Calcutta More Details    Kolkata West Bengal 87.45 3
NIRF-MGMT-INF-76 Indian Institute Of Management, Lucknow-Lucknow More Details    Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 86.12 4
NIRF-MGMT-INF-352 Indian Institute Of Management, Udaipur More Details    Udaipur Rajasthan 84.22 5
NIRF-MGMT-INF-297 Indian Institute Of Management, Kozhikode More Details    Kozhikode Kerala 81.97 6
NIRF-MGMT-1-2454726101 International Management Institute-New Delhi More Details    NEW DELHI Delhi 81.77 7
NIRF-MGMT-1-2451110408 Indian Institute Of Forest Management More Details    BHOPAL Madhya Pradesh 81.01 8
NIRF-MGMT-INF-228 Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur More Details    Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 79.43 9
NIRF-MGMT-INF-231 Indian Institute Of Management, Indore-Indore More Details    Indore Madhya Pradesh 78.62 10
NIRF-MGMT-1-2455701358 Management Development Institute More Details    GURGAON Haryana 77.44 11
NIRF-MGMT-1-2451326855 International Management Institute, Kolkata More Details    KOLKATA West Bengal 77.16 12
NIRF-MGMT-1-2451299852 Xavier Labour Relations Institute (Xlri) More Details    JAMSHEDPUR Jharkhand 75.3 13
NIRF-MGMT-INF-351 Indian Institute Of Management, Tiruchirappalli More Details    Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu 75.23 14
NIRF-MGMT-1-2454400380 Thiagarajar School Of Management More Details    MADURAI Tamil Nadu 74.68 15
NIRF-MGMT-1-2450707313 S. P. Jain Institute Of Management & Research More Details    MUMBAI Maharashtra 74.59 16
NIRF-MGMT-768 Vellore Institute Of Technology More Details    Vellore Tamil Nadu 73 17
NIRF-MGMT-INF-348 Indian Institute Of Management, Raipur More Details    Raipur Chhattisgarh 72.41 18
NIRF-MGMT-INF-350 Indian Institute Of Management, Rohtak More Details    Rohtak Haryana 72.37 19
NIRF-MGMT-INF-355 Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute Of Management More Details    Shillong Meghalaya 71.93 20
NIRF-MGMT-INF-347 Indian Institute Of Management, Kashipur More Details    Kashipur Uttarakhand 70.11 21
NIRF-MGMT-246 Indian Institute Of Information Technology And Management More Details    Gwalior Madhya Pradesh 69.42 22
NIRF-MGMT-1-2454188397 Fore School Of Management-New Delhi More Details    NEW DELHI Delhi 68.32 23
NIRF-MGMT-1-2454048264 Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute Of Managemenet, Delhi More Details    DELHI Delhi 68.18 24
NIRF-MGMT-1-2451694143 Birla Institute Of Technology More Details    RANCHI Jharkhand 67.66 25
NIRF-MGMT-1-2455080664 Jaipuria Institute Of Management, Noida-Noida More Details    NOIDA Uttar Pradesh 67.51 26
NIRF-MGMT-1-2452712334 Department Of Business Administration - Tezpur University More Details    TEZPUR Assam 66.41 27
NIRF-MGMT-INF-349 Indian Institute Of Management, Ranchi More Details    Ranchi Jharkhand 65.75 28
NIRF-MGMT-512 Institute Of Management, Nirma University More Details    Ahmedabad Gujarat 65.72 29
NIRF-MGMT-1-2455815869 Xavier Institute Of Management & Entrepreneurship More Details    BANGALORE Karnataka 64.3 30
NIRF-MGMT-1-2451664315 Great Lakes Institute Of Management More Details    MANAMAI VILLAGE Tamil Nadu 63.51 31
NIRF-MGMT-1-2451156700 Itm University More Details    GWALIOR Madhya Pradesh 62.33 32
NIRF-MGMT-1-2454344014 Ssn School Of Management More Details    KALAVAKKAM Tamil Nadu 61.76 33
NIRF-MGMT-1-2456179118 Department Of Management Studies More Details    TIRUCHIRAPPALLI Tamil Nadu 60.65 34
NIRF-MGMT-1-2450590646 Army Institute Of Management & Technology More Details    GREATER NOIDA Uttar Pradesh 60.48 35
NIRF-MGMT-1-2451216613 Rajagiri College Of Social Sciences More Details    COCHIN Kerala 60.47 36
NIRF-MGMT-1-2451335934 Rajagiri Business School More Details    COCHIN Kerala 59.82 37
NIRF-MGMT-1-2450648844 Institute Of Public Enterprise-Hyderabad More Details    HYDERABAD Telangana 58.96 38
NIRF-MGMT-1-2453420349 Institute Of Management Technology, Nagpur More Details    DORLI Maharashtra 58.85 39
NIRF-MGMT-380 Lingaya's University More Details    Faridabad Haryana 58.38 40
NIRF-MGMT-1-2456228043 Sri Krishna College Of Engineering And Technology-Coimbatore More Details    COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 57.77 41
NIRF-MGMT-1-2449926375 Adhiyamaan College Of Engineering (Mba Programme) More Details    HOSUR Tamil Nadu 56.44 42
NIRF-MGMT-1-2454753072 Jagan Institute Of Management Studies Technical Campus More Details    DELHI Delhi 55.6 43
NIRF-MGMT-1-2455095630 B.N. College Of Engineering & Technology(Bncet) More Details    LUCKNOW Uttar Pradesh 55.52 44
NIRF-MGMT-1-2451259979 Entrepreneurship Development Institute Of India More Details    BHAT Gujarat 54.69 45
NIRF-MGMT-1-2452540136 Institute Of Management & Entrepreneurship Development-Pune More Details    PUNE Maharashtra 54.04 46
NIRF-MGMT-1-2449925164 Rvs Technical Campus More Details    COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 53.95 47
NIRF-MGMT-INF-NEW13 University School Of Management More Details    Kurushetra Haryana 53.33 48
NIRF-MGMT-1-2453263517 Jaipuria Isntitute Of Management, Lucknow-Lucknow More Details    LUCKNOW Uttar Pradesh 52.85 49
NIRF-MGMT-1-2455861012 Scms School Of Technology & Management (Mba)-Cochin More Details    COCHIN Kerala 52.13 50