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Deep mourning for the victims of Vivekananda flyover

Summer days. Exams on.
I was about to jump into the huge ocean of syllabus and start mugging it all. But I decided to check my newsfeed once.
I opened the browser and logged in. That proved to be the biggest mistake of the day. Like a few others, I did try to ignore but couldn't.
News of the Girish Park flyover mishap flooded my newsfeed and my mind.
10 people are already dead, and no one knows how many are still trapped under the debris, maybe 150, maybe even more.

First the Ultadanga flyover and then this under construction flyover bridge collapse in densely populated area of Ganesh Talkies near Burra Bazar. Seems like our prayers for Kolkata is not enough. We have to speak up. The best way in which I can react is to write and I've already done it. Now it's your turn, react in whichever way you can. #PrayForKolkata